Zodiac Birthstone Cuff

A halo surrounds a gemstone paired with each astrological sign.  Set in solid bronze or sterling silver. 6" long & adjustable. Face: 1/2" tall

Each sign, each element, each planet affects all of us, so don't feel like you're tied down to your sun sign. Celebrate your ascendant, the placement of your moon, or Jupiter in Libra. Bring some balance to your fire sign, honor your Aquarian grandmother, whatever you want.

ARIES // amethyst: peace, protection, intuition

TAURUS // rose quartz: the Heart Stone; love, healing, compassion

GEMINI // carnelian: creativity, courage, endurance

CANCER // moonstone: protection, clarity, wisdom

LEO // goldstone: vitality, stability, protection 

VIRGO // jade: healing, tranquility, love 

LIBRA // opal: luck, happiness, Light energy

SCORPIO // labradorite: transformation, balance, protection 

SAGITTARIUS // blue goldstone: healing, protection, focus 

CAPRICORN // smoky quartz: grounding, protection, healing 

AQUARIUS // turquoise: balance, protection, communication 

PISCES // lapis: harmony, truth, knowledge 

Learn more about the pairings ~here~

Your jewelry will arrive packaged in a hand-stamped muslin keepsake bag. 

Please allow up to three weeks for fabrication as most pieces are handmade to order. Let us know if you have a deadline, and we will do our best to expedite your order. Express orders will receive priority in the queue. 



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Zodiac Birthstone Cuff
Zodiac Birthstone Cuff
Zodiac Birthstone Cuff
Zodiac Birthstone Cuff
Zodiac Birthstone Cuff
Zodiac Birthstone Cuff