Arche Ring // Moonstone & Lapis

Solid bronze or sterling silver ring with a gemstone duo-- a framed lapis and a rainbow moonstone hexagon. 

Moonstone // protection, passion, clarity, prophecy, and wisdom.

Lapis // harmony, communication, truth, and knowledge

Face: 1"

Your jewelry will arrive packaged in a hand-stamped muslin keepsake bag. 

Please allow up to three weeks for fabrication as most pieces are handmade to order. Let us know if you have a deadline, and we will do our best to expedite your order.  Express orders will receive priority in the queue. 


Tags: Dreamweaver, Gemstone, Lapis, Moonstone, New, Ring
Type: Ring    
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Arche Ring // Moonstone & Lapis
Arche Ring // Moonstone & Lapis
Arche Ring // Moonstone & Lapis