New in the shop ~ ZODIAC Birthstones

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Zodiac birthstones have arrived ~

Every sign of the astrological wheel has its own birthstone, although these pairings aren't set in stone!! (Ha.) Some of these are more traditional, and some are just based on ~vibes~ so go with what you're feeling.

Each sign, each element, each planet affects all of us, so don't feel like you're tied down to your sun sign. Celebrate your ascendant, the placement of your moon, or Jupiter in Libra. Bring some balance to your fire sign, honor your Aquarian grandmother, whatever you want.

(If you're unfamiliar with your natal chart, get a free one here, and have fun! If you've never had a natal chart reading, I can't recommend it enough. I can vouch for Aeolian Heart, her insights are electrifying and spot on.) 

Laurel Hill // Zodiac Birthstone Jewelry


ARIES // amethyst: peace, protection, intuition 

TAURUS // rose quartz: the Heart Stone; love, healing, compassion

GEMINI // carnelian: creativity, courage, endurance

CANCER // moonstone: protection, clarity, wisdom

LEO // goldstone: vitality, stability, protection 

VIRGO // jade: healing, tranquility, love 

LIBRA // opal: luck, happiness, Light energy

SCORPIO // labradorite: transformation, balance, protection 

SAGITTARIUS // blue goldstone: healing, protection, focus 

CAPRICORN // smoky quartz: grounding, protection, healing 

AQUARIUS // turquoise: balance, protection, communication 

PISCES // lapis: harmony, truth, knowledge 




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