VIRGO season

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Archetype: Priestess // Craftsman. Virgo's perceived perfectionism comes from devotion to her craft.

Watch: Lord of the Rings. Favorite movies based on favorite books. The meticulous attention to the detail honors Virgo's emphasis on craftsmanship.

Do: Whatever you think is missing in your life, give it some time and attention. Be mindful. Take your time and do it right, whatever "right" is for you.

Laurel Hill Jewelry // Virgo season

Tarot Card: The Hermit // this is a card about finding your inner wisdom. Meditate, be still, breathe, and let the answers reveal themselves. Virgo and the Hermit remind us that devotion is a personal endeavour.

  • Amazonite: feminine power, abundance, harmony, healing, and balance
  • Chrysocolla: peace, communication, compassion
  • Carnelian: creativity, courage, endurance
  • Jade: healing, tranquility, love 
  • Jasper: grounding, balancing, comforting
LISTEN: Joanna Newsom // Emily

You taught me the names of the stars overhead that I wrote down in my ledger
Though all I knew of the rote universe were those Pleiades loosed in December
I promised you I'd set them to verse so I'd always remember

That the meteorite is a source of the light
And the meteor's just what we see
And the meteoroid is a stone that's devoid of the fire that propelled it to thee

And the meteorite’s just what causes the light
And the meteor’s how it’s perceived
And the meteoroid’s a bone thrown from the void
That lies quiet and offering to thee
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