The Depths of Pisces

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The sun has entered Pisces, the watery realm of the subconscious. It's the close of the astrological year (so also the beginning of something new), so gather the wisdom of all 12 signs of the zodiac and let's go. 


Call on the energy of Pisces to go deep & harness your own intuitive wisdom. 

Laurel Hill Jewelry // Pisces vibes

Mantra: I feel // I know

Archetype: the Dreamer

Listen: Sigur Ros // Staralfur

Watch: 3 Women, Robert Altman's amazing, beautiful, haunting movie based on a dream he had. (Sissy Spacek & Shelley Duvall in the desert!!) (Also the inspiration for the Sage Collection.) (Or watch The Life Aquatic again, it's my favorite from Wes Anderson.)

Tarot Card: The Moon // sit with your shadow in the darkness with no fear or judgment

Gemstones: think liquid blues 

  • Turquoise: balance, restoration, power, protection, communication

  • Lapis: harmony, truth, communication, knowledge

  • Blue Lace Agate: healing & spiritual connection

  • Amazonite: feminine power, abundance, harmony, healing, balance


More Pisces vibes right this way 

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