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Taurus is the realm of the steadfast, opulent Bull. 

Get grounded in the Earth's energy & surround yourself with creature comforts.

Laurel Hill Jewelry // Taurus Season


Archetype: An Entwife crossed with Gwyneth Paltrow aka a very fancy earth mama (i love GP can't help it won't stop)

Listen: James Brown // I Got You (I Feel Good)

Watch: Grace & Frankie // these ladies are ✔︎stubborn ✔︎loyal ✔︎indulgent ✔︎living large and I LOVE THEM.

Tarot Card: The Hierophant // settle into a personal tradition or ritual that brings you comfort

Gemstones: functional beauty 

  • Rose quartzthe heart stone; compassion, healing, & love, & NEW to the shop!!

  • Turquoise: balance, restoration, power, protection, communication

  • Aventurine: love, inner strength, well-being

  • Malachitetransformation, balance, abundance, manifestation

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