Sagittarius Season // EXPAND

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Sagittarius Laurel Hill


ruled by expansive, benevolent Jupiter, Sagittarius searches beyond the boundaries to find truth

Laurel Hill Jewelry Sagittarius Season


Archetype: The Seeker // fully embrace the experience 

Expand your worldview. Step out of your routine, do something that you've been curious about. 

OK BEAR WITH ME HERE DON'T LEAVE JUST YET but maybe let's watch National Treasure again. It's the holidays! We don't need anything serious! And Nic Cage chasing down clues to a hidden treasure is so entertaining and so Sagittarian. I love anything conspiracy-related, and this is a fun one.

Tarot Card: Temperence // Find balance. There will always be highs and lows, but you can ride the wave with grace. (Meditation helps.)



Listen: Dwight Twilley Band // Looking for the Magic




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