GEMINI season

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Laurel Hill Jewelry // Gemini Season

The sun has entered Gemini, the realm of the Twins. 

Gemini is all about perception, communication, & curiosity. 


Archetype: Special Agent Dale Cooper (keep reading)

Do: This meditation, holy cow. Gemini twin power. 

Listen: Unknown Mortal Orchestra // Multi Love (the music video is AMAZING)

Watch: Twin Peaks!! One of my all-time favorites, and there are brand new episodes this month, after only 25 years of waiting. Special Agent Dale Cooper exudes Gemini vibes-- intelligent, curious, perceptive. (And there's gotta be some Virgo in there, too.) There's also his doppelganger(s)... NO SPOILERS 

Tarot Card: The Lovers // examine your relationships to others as mirrors to your relationship with yourself

Gemstones: energy + focus


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