Age of Aquarius

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The sun has entered Aquarius! And it's definitely the dawning of a new age, for better or worse. (Although I believe the Universe always balances herself out in the end.)

Call on the energy of Aquarius when you need a paradigm shift.

Laurel Hill Jewelry // Aquarius

Mantra: Forge a new path

Archetype: the Revolutionary

Listen: David Bowie // Starman (y'all thought it'd be this right)

Watch: The OA

Tarot Card: The Star // bridge the space between heaven & earth; connect with your intuition & let your light shine

Gemstones: (these all happen to be my favorites, which makes sense because I'm an Aquarius myself) 

  • Amethyst: creativity, healing, protection, balance

  • Turquoise: balance, restoration, power, protection, communication

  • Amazonite: feminine power, abundance, harmony, healing, balance

  • Rainbow Moonstone: protection, passion, clarity, prophecy, wisdom 


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