Montana Bound!

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I'm so excited to be relocating to Montana! We'll be packing up the school bus again to make the trek at the end of May. This will affect some shipping times--

  • I'll be out of the studio on a house-hunting mission from May 1st until May 12, so orders placed during this time will ship when I return. Because of the production timeline for certain pieces, orders placed from April 22nd until I return may not ship until the week of May 19th. Many pieces are in stock and ready to ship, and will go out ASAP either before I leave, or upon my return. 
  • I'll be packing up the studio the week of the 19th, moving the week of the 26th (traveling in a converted school bus is slow-goin'), and setting up in the new space the week of the 2nd, so any orders placed after May 16th may not ship until the week of June 9th. I'll do my best to ship orders ASAP! 

Thanks so much for your patience, your jewelry will be worth the wait!

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